Hazard-1 (Risk-Ettan)      Risk-1 is the first part and consists of

Alcohol and Other Drugs
The risky attitude in traffic.

When you train your Risk Training 2 you will learn that the most important thing to do well in winter road conditions is to drive at the right speed.

 Then we do not mean in relation to what is on the road sign, but that you must have the right speed in relation to the road, the view, the surface and the situation.g.Course lengt about 4-5 hours

Risk education 2
Risk education 2 in driving in different traffic situations and weather conditions ex rain,fog, slippery ground in 
Risk education 2 in Stockholm you do on the halkbana you find most suitable. 

At the course Risk-2 you will learn to drive with both the right speed and with too high or low speed. 

Just because you need to know how it feels. You will also have to decide the speed yourself in some exercises. This is to make the skidding as realistic as poy