• 42 years Celebrations Reduced price for 
  • English  Risk-1/Handledarkurs on the next courses 
  • Next English PTC(Handledarkurs)  Saturday 15/10 at 12.00 charge 300kr 700kr
  •  P/P Welcome
  •  Next English Risk-1 on Friday 14/10/2022  at 17.00  charge 300kr  800kr P/P.
  • Please note Risk-1 is
  • free included in many Turbo Gourses


The Oldest best Swedish English  Traffic school in Jakobsberg
Our Aim to help you get a Swedish Drivers License fast and cheap with a  a very high stabdard of Teaching Technique

 If you are an expat or English speaking, have a drivers license from your home country, Muffi’s traffic school is your best option to successfully pass your Swedish drivers test the 1st time

Over 40 years experience
We teach in Swedish & English
Many Thousands of Happy Guys
Risk-1 & Handledarutb. in English
Brand new cars Manual/Auto
High pass grade