Äldsta bästa Trafikskola i Jakobsberg
he Oldest Best English speaking Traffic School in Jakobsberg.

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                Driving License B - Car.........Way to Drivers License......

Driving license category B gives the right to drive cars and light trucks with a gross weight of 3500 kg.
To get a B license there are six requirements you need to fulfill:

1. You have a valid learner’s permit (körkortstillstånd).
2. You are a permanent resident of Sweden or have studied here for at least six months.
3. You are 18 years old.
4. You have passed risk courses, and both are valid.
5. You have made an approved driving test (theory and practical test).
6. You have no driving license issued in another member state of the EEA. Such a license can however be exchanged for a Swedish.

Risk-1 is the first part and consists of
·Alcohol and Other Drugs
·The risky attitude in common
Should be done in the beginning of Drivers Licence training

Hazard-2 ( Risk-2)
Halkbana (slippery driving) is the second part and consists of
·Driving in special conditions
Should be done at the end of Drivers licence training

Course length 3hrs Risk-2 4hrs with some breaks
ID control
Rapport: Electronic system passed by Transportstyrelsen
Register: Is filed and saved for 5 years
R-1 validity 5 years.
Teacher approved by TS
Student age limit 15yrs 9mån.valid id-provisional drivers
Driving test = Theory test + Driving Test some conditions apply

 PAYMENT/BETALNING: KONTO NR. 53921012058:   BG. 57491813