Tips for killing nervousness

  1. Tell yourself that you are ready. You would not take your driving test unless you were good enough to pass it. A good driving instructor will not let you through for your test until you are almost done. Knowing that you are just doing something you have done before many, many times before can really help.
  1. Keep it secretDon’t tell everyone you’re taking your test. To keep quiet if it takes some of the pressure off, so just tell the people you want or need to tell.
  1. Don’t skip the meals eating may be the last thing on your mind but without food, you don’t have the fuel you need for your test. Eating something before your test helps you concentrate. A full meal is not necessary; a banana will suffice.
  1. Pretend to be a mock The investigator may be in a hi-viz jacket and hold a binder, but try to consider this as just another mock test. You will still put in your best performance, but you are less likely to panic if everything goes wrong. Remember: No one asks you to do what you haven’t already done in your lessons.
  1. Arrive at the test center well in advance and make sure your diary is free Go to the test center about 15 minutes in advance so that you do not rush or wait too long. And make sure there is a day and a period in your life when you do not have any other stressful things happening.
  1. Do not do too much on the test day. You have spent the last days, weeks and months preparing you for your test, so there is no need to worry about parallel parking now. By all means, drive a car in advance, but don’t convince yourself that you have to make the perfect turn on the road just before you get to the test center.
  1. Get Caffeine You may think you need all the coffee in the world after waking up all night worrying but drinking too much caffeine before your test can make you feel more upset and nervous. Instead, you drink plenty of water or something that calms naturally, like a chamomile tea.
  2. Going to the toilet We don’t have to work out, do we? That is to say, you do not want any distractions during your test.
  3. Remember, there is no rush Your driving test is not designed to determine how fast you can turn around a corner. Take your time when it comes to the maneuvers, and remember that you can always correct yourself. The examiner wants to make sure you do the right control and complete the maneuver safely, so take your time
  4. Stop tormenting yourself to death



Tips for passing the driving test

1. Don’t forget your ID. Without a valid ID there will be no tests.

2. Get on time. If you stay late, you cannot complete the test. At this time, the Swedish Transport Agency is difficult.

3. Have a driving lesson with a traffic school to test your skills before the test. The traffic instructor will tell you if he / she thinks your knowledge is sufficient and you can also get advice on what you need to train more.

4. Do a test with your supervisor. Have your supervisor play an inspector and check you for about 40 minutes without saying anything and then review the results. Note If your instructor believes that a situation is starting to become a direct traffic risk then he / she has to talk

5. Exercise near the Swedish Transport Agency’s premises. Some local knowledge does well.

6. Sometimes the inspector may ask questions after the test as to why you acted in a certain way during a certain driving time. Do not fight! Think about and explain what you could do better.

7. Only check the car safety before the test if the inspector asks you.

8. If you fail, it is not the end of the world.

9. Check what type of car model they have at the Swedish Transport Agency.

10. When you go to a test, do not take the examiner as an executioner.

11.Press to drive in the same car you should drive before warming up.

12. Do not listen to bullshit about inspectors.

13. If you think you made a mistake, just forget it! The inspector may not have noticed that you made a mistake. If you keep thinking about mistakes, you will stop making a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

14. Drive  as you always do, don’t try to impress or make a show.

15. Making mistakes is human, a small mistake does not make you fail the driving test